Surrerar Cemetery

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James E. (R?) Surrerar, original landowner who set aside the site as a cemetery
Annie Wright Surrerar, wife of James

Betsy Ann Surrerar, daughter of James and Annie

Chester Saunders


   Images above courtesy of Carolyn Waller


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Ransom Lake, named for Ransom Surrerar, located in Grant Township. Ransom Creek connects Ransom Lake and Bill's Lake.

Ransom Lake, named for Ransom Surrerar. Ransom Creek connects Ransom Lake and Bill's Lake.

"Dead Cow Lake", also known as "Hole in the Woods".

The woods surrounding Dead Cow Lake.

This large tree may be evidence of a pioneer homestead. The junk left behind also shows the lack of concern for the world by more modern inhabitants.

Article from the Fremont Times Indicator, 07/06/05.



1850 - 1860 Census, Birth, & Death Records

1870 Township Census Records

Ransom Surrerar - Martha Weller Marriage Record 1999 - 2002 Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Ken Davis, USFS to Mark Harvey, Michigan State Archives

Township Map, 1880

Township Map, 1922


Confirmed burials:


Clara Rhodes (Rhoda?) Larabee Shattuck, died 02-14-1883

Arthur Saunder(s?), died 1865

Florence English, died 1883

Amber English, died 1889

Chester Saunders

Sarah Saunders

Ida Mae (Saunders) English, died 1900

Boyd (male)


Unconfirmed burials, courtesy of Terry Wantz, Sandy Peavey, and the Local History Room of the Fremont District Library:


Ransom Surrerar (?)

Theodore Overly

Mary Overly

Kenneth Overly

Ida Jane Lancaster

Gideon Lancaster

William Lancaster

John Lancaster

Ada May Coburn Dickenson (Died, 1881 in childbirth?)

Harriet Dickenson (moved to Oak Grove?)

Alice Dickenson (moved to Oak Grove?)

Ersa or Ezra Dickenson, died 1862