The Cemeteries of the Newaygo County Area

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  This grave is located in an old logging area near Old Woman's Bend on the Muskegon River. It is identified only as "Maggie" and is believed to be the daughter of a logger.


Cemetery Name County Location Cemetery Name County Location
Amish Wilcox Township Lincoln Lincoln Township
Ashland Ashland Township Maple Grove/Indian (Fremont) Fremont City
Bridgeton Bridgeton Township Merrill Merrill Township
Bull Denver Township Mount Calvary Sheridan Township
Christian Plains Croton Township Newaygo Newaygo City
Clark Dayton Township Oak Grove Croton Township
Community (Big Prairie) Everett Township Parkview Grant City
Crandall Ensley Township Pioneer Fremont City
Croton Croton Township Reeman Sheridan Township
Culp Croton Township Sherman Sherman Township
Curtice Home Township Shippy Ashland Township
Danish Ashland Township Sitka-Wilde Bridgeton Township
Davenport East Barton Township St. Bartholomew's Garfield Township
Davenport West Barton Township St. John's Ensley Township
Ensley North Ensley Township St. Joseph's Ensley Township
Evens (Evans) Dayton Township St. Mary's Croton Township
Former County Poor Farm Sherman Township St. Michael's Sheridan Township
Goodwell Goodwell Township Stearn's Prairie (Prairie) Croton Township
Gowell & Huber Denver Township Surrerar (Little Prairie) Brooks Township
Hesperia Hesperia City           Additional Surrerar Information   
Hiller Merrill Township Troy Troy Township
Hillside Grant Township Volney Beaver Township
Hungerford Norwich Township Whipple Home Township
Jewell (Dayton Center) Dayton Township White Cloud (Prospect Hill) White Cloud City
Lawrence Farms Private Property Woodville Norwich Township
Lilley Lilley Township