The Cemeteries of the Newaygo County Area

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Muskegon County


Evergreen (43.13.596N, 086.14.149W)

At the intersection of Pine and Irwin in the City of Muskegon, Evergreen has many large and interesting monuments, among the most fascinating is the one dedicated to Captain Jonathan Walker, the "Man with the Branded Hand." (See here for additional information.) Captain Walker assisted many slaves to escape and when captured, Capt. Walker's hand was branded with the mark SS, for Slave Stealer. Additionally, many of Muskegon's best known family names including Peck, McGraft, and Hackley are represented here.



Not far from the shores of White Lake near Whitehall and Montague is Mouth cemetery, where lie the remains of many shipwreck victims, and early settlers of the area. There are 76 marked graves from the 19th century, but there is evidence of many more. A very remote spot with an interesting local history.


Moorland (43.13.216N, 085.59.497W)

Moorland Cemetery is located in Moorland Township, approximately 1 mile south of M-46 between Muskegon and Casnovia.


Name Unknown - Anscomb? Chidester? Indian? (43.17.335N, 086.00.477W)

This desolate and forgotten site has, unfortunately, been the victim of not only neglect but also vandalism and only a few markers remain. Although it is uncared for, it is not entirely forgotten, as there are a few flowers planted here and there, but generally it is overgrown and abandoned. It is located just north of the county waste treatment facilities on Swanson Road at Powerline Road, very close to the Newaygo/Muskegon County line, on the west side. Look for a change from farm fencing to chain link as an indicator that you are there.


Seaman (43.16.958N, 085.50.982W)

Located on Canada Road just north of 21 Mile (Canada Road becomes McClelland in Newaygo County), this site has a number of very interesting and unique carvings and markers. Seaman is still active, with the older section being near the middle.


Oceana County


Abson (Coordinates not available)


Colfax Township (Coordinates not available) Just east of Monroe on 192nd, the Colfax Township cemetery is old and quite small.


Elbridge Township (Coordinates not available) Southwest corner of 138th and Polk, this is a very well maintained, moderately sized site. Many of the markers have a farm theme.


Fairlawn (Coordinates not available)


Ferry Township (North Ferry) (Coordinates not available) Technically the name of this site is the North Ferry Township Cemetery, and it is located on Buchanan between 148th and 144th. This is a fairly small site, with lots of unmarked space.


Gale (Coordinates not available) Buchanan between 176th and 164th, this site is small and well cared for. There are many bordered plots, and apparently many missing markers.


Greenwood Township (43.30.235N, 086.06.257W) Greenwood Township Cemetery is an abandoned site at the end of a long two track which, were it not for the fence and sign, a lone American flag, and a single broken stone, would appear to simply be a curious open section in an otherwise thickly wooded area. This lonely spot asks many questions, but provides few answers.


St. Joseph (Coordinates not available) Located on 144th between Clock and Harrison on the east side of the road. The St. Joseph Indian cemetery is on the opposite side of the church, to the north.


St. Joseph Indian (Coordinates not available) Located on 144th between Clock and Harrison on the east side of the road. The St. Joseph cemetery is on the opposite side of the church, to the south. There are many unmarked graves, many others marked with simple wooden crosses. As of September 2008, each marked grave in this site is included in this gallery.