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Located in southern Goodwell Township off 1 Mile Road, Dudgeon Swamp was where Charles Dudgeon brought his family at the beginning of the 20th century to make a fresh start. Unfortunately instead of a second chance they found only sadness, pain and death. The land was ill suited for farming, the neighbors resented loosing their free grazing land, and misery dogged the family. One daughter died in infancy, another was sent to prison for a murder that many, including The October Group, believe she didn't commit. Their son-in-law died under suspicious circumstances. The family was harassed, burned out of their home, and even abused by the police. Today we would laugh at the thought of an officer dressing up as a ghost and dragging two terrified women into the woods from their a jail cell in the middle of the night to obtain a "confession", but in 1922 this happened to Alice Dudgeon and her daughter Meda.

The story of their ordeal, part of it at least, can be found in the Forgotten Stories section of these pages, under The Deaths of David and Romie Hodell.

Today the swamp is largely dried up and nothing remains of the Dudgeon house or the nearby school that also bore their name. the southern portion of the land is largely held by the U.S.F.S., while the northern end is private. It is lonely country.


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