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Ramona is also known as Diamond Lake and earlier, Diamond Loch or Diamondloch. The West Michigan Lumber Company, under direction E.B. Wright built a sawmill in Lincoln Township in 1881 beside Diamond Lake. The settlement was given a post office by that name on December 22nd, 1881, with James L. Alexander as postmaster.

On April 14, 1895 the office was renamed Diamondloch. It closed on June 25th,1895 but was restored January 11, 1898 with Manassas D. Schmucker as postmaster. It was given a station named Diamond Loch (spelling changed) on the Chicago and Western Railroad.

In 1904, D. Pechuman of Chicago owned a home there. William Bigelow, a resort owner in the area, renamed it Ramona because it reminded him of a beautiful scene in Helen Hunt Jackson’s novel Ramona. The post office was then renamed to that on July 07th, 1904.


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