Forgotten Stories

of the

Newaygo County Area



The Deaths of David and Romie Hodell

Was it murder, suicide, natural causes? Did the right person go to prison for her crime, or did someone else get away with murder? We have our theories, now read the story of the sad life of Meda Dudgeon Hodell and the deaths of her husband and father in law to decide for yourself.


James Battles - Soldier, Farmer, Husband, Father

Honoring an African American Cival War hero


Captain Walker

The Man with the Branded Hand


Two Lives the Toll of Sitka Tragedy

The story of Gilbert Kempf and his sister Lilly

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Blizzard Swept Inferno, 12-08-1948

Several die in area fires during severe winter storm


Man Dies in Train Derailment Clean-Up, 05-08-1976

During clean-up operations at a train derailment in Newaygo, a 22 year old Illinois man was killed when crushed between a crane and box car. Newaygo County Sun, 05-13-1976


Wooster Farmer Beaten in Trespassing Dispute

Date, source unknown


Muskegon River Log Jam, 05-04-1881

Large jam breaks loose below Big Rapids, damage to bridge and dam at Newaygo averted. Newaygo County Republican